Translation7 Ltd is an interpretation and translation service in Leeds, offering a service second to none.
We are endowed with a keen intelligence and thus readily understand and satisfy the requests of our clients. This endowment prevents the creation of obstacles that affect misinterpretation during the process of translating and interpreting.

Transaction7 enlists the services of skilled and professional individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, capable of providing a comprehensive and exacting standard of translation and interpretation services. A client’s request for service is addressed by members of staff most capable of providing persuasive and memorable translation and interpretation, orally and verbally.

Our services are offered primarily to private and public institutions. Additionally, we address requests from individuals and groups who desire professional and reputable service. Indeed, we are willing and able to provide exquisite translation and interpretation services at an affordable and modest price.   

Owing to the wide range of services we offer and the sterling quality of our translation and interpretation, Translation7 has the capability to deliver precise and competent communication services in 30 languages.  

Translation7 proffers an excellent proof-reading service. We emend and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and make an appropriate and prudent choice of words to facilitate the comprehension of the document proof-red. Our proof-readers will bear the client’s desire and objective in mind; that is, receipt of a document of impeccable quality.Translation7 offers a wide array of translation and interpretation services in Leeds and London; indeed, in the UK as a whole.

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