Interpretation Services

Translation and communication involves considerably more than merely communicating between two or more languages. In this respect, interpretation denotes oral or verbal translation of communication from one language to another. Our interpreters analyse the original communication and with a felicitous choice of words convey the precise meaning that is meant to be communicated.Interpreters at Translation7 combine knowledge, skills and experience, for provision of communication between people who hail from different cultures and speak different languages.

Consecutive (Court)

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter begins speaking after the speaker of the source-language has made or communicated a point. The staff at Translation7 is well-versed in this approach of translating and interpreting. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after a point is made by the communicator in the source-language, which permits the fluent,smooth and intelligible flow of communication. Legal professionals deploy consecutive interpreting, regularly, in court-interpreting and during prison visits. 

Simultaneous (Conference)

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates and interprets communication to the desired language with alacrity, as efficiently and accurately as possible. The speaker in the source-language speaks, concurrently, communicating each point for translation and interpretation.Equipped with earphones, the linguist seated in a sound-proof booth, speaks into a microphone, at once seeing and hearing the source-language speaker. By means of earphones, participants listen, concurrently, as translation and interpretation are communicated, in the desired language. Throughout the interpretation, Translation7 makes sound equipment available to clients as well as a technician, both of which make for provision of a comprehensive and stellar service.

Remote (Telephone/Internet)

Remote interpreting involves translation and interpretation over the telephone and electronically. The interpreter is present during the conference call or online, in the case of electronic communication. Remote interpretation is one of the fastest growing services utilised by clients of Translation7Prior to commencement of interpreting, Translation7 provides clients a local telephone number and a pin code to access the language in which the conference call will be communicated. Following this provision, the interpreter calls the receiver of the call and commences interpreting the communication. There is no limit to the number of participants in the conference call. Each participant simply dials the local number provided to participate.

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